Row from London to Paris

I saw this challenge and thought what a fun thing to do... row from Big Ben in London (UK) to the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France). It is a 485 mile journey for a crew of 12 starting Sunday 9th May 2010.

Are you up for doing something like this? You can sign up at

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Interesting Swiss Ball Program

A friend of mine, Tony Paladin of Paladin Biokineticists in South Africa designed a good abdominal program using a Swiss ball which can include with your rowing training . Click here. to download the program.
To see more programs especially for rehabilitation you can see Tony's website

Customer Comments

We just received this excellent comment from a gentleman in Australia:

"I had always used a C2 rower in the gym and thought nothing could be better. I then decided to purchase a rowing machine for home use. The shop assistant asked me to try the WaterRower, and I have never looked back. It just felt "right". It is smooth and a pleasure to use. I would or could not ever use another indoor rower other than water rower.

It looks great, it really is like a piece of "fancy" furniture. It stores so well standing up. It is much quieter that the concept 2 which is great for my partner and I, as we live in a unit. The web-site is also user-friendly and there are some great links on it. It is simply the best way to get fit, loose weight and challenge yourself each day with different programmes. Oh, and the printable exercise logs are an awesome way to track your progress."

Thanks for your comments, and we are glad you are having a great time with your new WaterRower!

What do others say about the WaterRower?

When you get your WaterRower we greatly urge you to register your machine with us. When you do this, it not only helps us keep track of our machines and customers, but it also opens you up to our customer services such as the chlorine tablet requests, service help, and even extends your warranty!

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When you fill out the form make sure you fill out the comments section. Each of us in the office enjoy reading how you feel about our machine, and take into consideration any and all suggestions that you guys make.

So what do some of our other registrants say about the WaterRower? Read below and see for your self!
"I been aware of the aerobic and overall physical conditioning of rowers for years. But I had not seen a rower that would convince me. When I saw the WaterRrower I was sold."
F.M. of Miami, FL

"We are crazy about our new WaterRower! Thank you. We love that it is made from sustainable forests."
A.W. of Denver, CO

Have wanted a rowing machine for years, my wife purchased the WaterRower for me because of its aesthetics (wooden). I think she made a fantastic choice on more of a technical level, but we all love it."
R.L. of Australia

"Tried a number of rowing machines and it provided the best experience."
R.P. of Lincs, UK
Those just a few of the comments we have received lately. If you have not registered yet, please do so soon and tell us what you do or don't like about our machine, or give us a suggestion.

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